The Lucid Body is a journey into the self that will accompany an actor through his or her lifetime.

Lucid Body Fall Intensive 

Lucid Body Fall Intensive 

Lucid Body II Taught by Fay Simpson

Lucid Body II Taught by Fay Simpson

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The Lucid Body: A guide for the physical actor

The Lucid Body is a body whose inner being is clear like a clean running brook. It is a body whose messages are heard, whose impulses are activated, and whose vitality flows through every part of its complex structure. Physical vitality is about flow; blood flow, emotional flow, thought flow. We know it when we have it, and we always want more; more vitality, more clarity, and more passion.

The actor’s job is to portray life in all its many glorious and horrific guises. The Lucid Body offers a process that will allow an actor to bend and morph into the multifaceted characters that can handle the gravitas of the Greek tragedies and the unfettered silliness of the Shakespeare comedies.

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