Lucid Body in Vermont with Fay Simpson and Parlan McGaw

September 6 – 9

Acting Workshop in VermontIn this three-day intensive Fay Simpson and Parlan McGaw will lead actors within — to the source from which all characters emerge. Simpson’s Lucid Body process of chakra exploration and audible exhale along with McGaw’s Heart of Acting techniques will help you tap into the energy and wisdom of your body, mind, and heart to access the tools you need to create work that is vibrant, compelling, playful, and powerful.

Each day will begin with meditation practice, providing a soft, open ground for our rigorous acting work. Parlan McGaw will guide you in potent and practical techniques that develop presence, open the heart, connect you with character, and transform stage fright into confidence. Fay Simpson will lead you through active improvisations guided by your archetypes, shadows, and dreams, encouraging all parts of self to come out and play. You will experience an expansion of your physical and emotional being, promoting better living, better acting.

This program is for actors who want to break through to a new level of emotive availability and personal truth. With a deeper connection to your inherent artistic riches, you’ll come away from the retreat with a greater ability to get out of your head, take risks, and surprise yourself.

Retreat begins with orientation at 7:30pm, September 6 and ends with lunch, September 9.

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