20150310-2_Veterans Project Theatre_0038 (1)Seeking Proposals for
Directors Training Program Fellowship

Proposals must include your CV,  a short essay on why you would be a good candidate for this project and in which community venues you would present your piece to further social change for veterans coming home from service. Due before midnight on December 1st, 2015

Impact Theatre’s Veteran’s Project utilizes Lucid Body and Behavior Change Process to facilitate social change on the stage and in rehearsal. In these productions veterans play civilians and civilians play service members. This method allows for transformation, healing, and understanding in a safe and artistic environment, and ends up with a piece that is provocative and true. Impact Theatre has performed in VA centers, Mental health facilities, Veteran Arts Festivals, and at Universities. We want the wealth of this work to grow.

We have received a grant from NYU to support our Director’s Training Program.  We are now asking for proposals from directors who are interested in expanding this process. Three winning proposals will be selected to receive a stipend to assemble a cast of  2 veterans and 2 actors, and devise a piece utilizing the Lucid Body and Behavior Change Process.

Final pieces should be 10-20 minute performances based upon the challenges faced by homecoming service members. The goal of this project is to give voice to veterans in a theatrical medium and bridge the civilian/veteran gap which inhibits social change. Each director is expected to continue to present and refine their piece in a wide array of community venues.

The following video, Veteran’s Project:  Leaving Theatre, is an example of Impact Theatre’s most recent work.


  • One mandatory day of free training for Behaviour Change Process Jan 23rd 10-6pm @LBH
  • Stipend of $1000 given per selected proposal. ($200 each veteran/actor, plus $200 for director)
  • One night of presentation for all three projects at LBH on April 1st, 2016
  • Written report by Sept. 1st on the results of your company’s presentations throughout your community.

Please send proposals to Chrissy@lucidbody.com. by December 1st, 2015.

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