Drop-in acting classes NYC
When you register for all four drop-in acting classes in December,

you’ll get one class FREE!!

These drop-in classes offer an easy opportunity to check out the Lucid Body process and see if it resonates with you. Each class begins with the legendary Lucid Body Warm-Up, followed by a Lucid Body acting exercise.

What is the Lucid Body acting technique?

It is a holistic process for actors because the training is good for the growth of the human being as well. Through a safe and deep psychophysical process of introspection, exertion, and mental challenge, the Lucid Body is a series of exercises that leads to a new language to help you see, feel and experience the nature of people and hence your characters in a new way.

What happens in a drop-in class?

It begins with the Lucid Body Warm-Up, which starts on the floor with deep yoga stretches and visualizations. The three Basic Concepts are introduced and applied to the rigorous workout.

Next, we introduce an acting exercise that will start the process of self-expansion. These classes are more than just acting classes — they provide tools for self-discovery, growth, and authenticity while honing one’s skills as an actor.

Lucid Body is NOT for everyone. Take a drop-in and find out for yourself.

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