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Archetypes of the Feminine: An exploration through dance and constellations

October 15, 2017 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


An experiential workshop for women who desire to reflect upon the different facets of femininity and investigate ways to develop into a fuller woman.

Here are some of the questions we will be exploring:
Being a woman – what does it mean to me?
Which aspects of femininity can I unfold and express? Which ones have I neglected, and in which do I experience limitations?
How do I relate to other women? How do I meet the masculine?
What do the universal female archetypes reveal to me, and how do I respond to them?

In a supportive circle of women, we will journey towards finding our female identity and become aware of the developmental stages of the Inner Woman, whom we celebrate.

We will explore our individual feminine in its various aspects calling into play the following Female Archetypes:
The Mother
The Lover
The Artist
The Wilde Woman
The Wise Woman
The Queen

Through music and free movement, we will meet the Archetypes and explore their light, their shadow and their darkness. We will arrive at an understanding of our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, and of the themes that need to be remembered, expressed, and transformed.

Finally, we will open up a sacred space for Constellations and meet ourselves in the frame of our personal stories and in the relationships with the persons who shaped our self-image as women.
Who were they? Were they supportive or restrictive? Are we free today?

If we still live in their shadows and they restrict our femininity, our life force and our relationships we will bring in the Archetypes to help us claim our original female power in the here and now.
We will explore ourselves, hold and heal one another, and celebrate being women in sisterhood.
Come join us.

I look forward to welcoming you! 


Since my constellation, things have been shifting. 
I wanted to bring art-making back into my life, yet I was having difficulty allowing myself to do that. My constellation revealed my loyalty to my father, a photographer who had to give up his art and find a steady job to support our family – unknowingly, I was repeating his fate. It is becoming less difficult, feels less blocked. Just recently I decided to make some major changes to my living space, in order to have a space dedicated to making art, and I have already received a couple of invitations to make or display my artwork. I also resigned from the job I had at the time of the workshop, I decided to leave after staying there for almost four years. Finances are tight at the moment, since I am not working, but I’m grateful that I took a stand for myself and I feel that I did the right thing. Now I have more time and energy to focus on moving ahead to a more fulfilling job, and a more fulfilling life in general. Thank you for the constellation. It was very helpful in setting things in motion to change for the better! J.H.

I found the session with Panagiota to be effective in releasing emotions which helped me see more clearly how I had let my relationship to my mother, as a child, make me feel I wasn’t good enough in many situations. With this new perspective I have been able to interpret similar events now much more positively. Many thanks! M.C.

Please run, don’t walk when Panagiota offers this again! What a transformative experience. Panagiota is a gifted leader who created a safe and intimate space for profound healing. Panagiota, honestly, you worked magic. I swear. And I am such a crusty cynic. M.H.

When I stepped into the room, I knew this was going to be a very special Constellation. Panagiota has a unique way to put the whole room at ease and made everyone feel special. Her gentle voice, insight, and wisdom resulted in a profound experience. With my Constellation, she guided my representatives using intuition that felt true to my situation. It brought new insights to my reality, my behavior, and my personality. I was deeply moved and brought to tears at times. It was in the weeks that followed that I could see the results. However, I was unaware of the results until I had my follow up consultation with her. It was only then I realized that with ease and grace, I had let go of a relationship that was no longer serving me. Also, I was able to release feeling responsible for my mother’s health and care when she was ill and also feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. In fact, my sister even told me that I shouldn’t worry and she would take care of things. This was truly amazing as I always feared my sister’s criticism. It was wonderful to get her approval for doing less. Working with Panagiota was a delightful experience and the work of the Constellation resulted in a truly life changing experience. M.S.

In my first constellation as a representative, I experienced the importance of establishing boundaries in relationships. In the past, people would easily overstep my boundaries and I would quietly accept it. After the constellation, I have the courage to set clear and strong boundaries with my co-workers and family members.
In my personal constellation, I reconnected with my joyful inner 12-year-old child, which I had abandoned. I used to dream of taking belly dancing classes some day. After the constellation, I stopped procrastinating and immediately signed up for belly dancing classes. I also started drawing again, which was one of my favorite pastimes as a child. I feel alive and happy now! A.N.

Do I need to have previous experience in Constellation or dance to participate?
No previous experience is needed! Your presence and your curiosity are enough!

What are Constellations? What makes them interesting?
A Constellation is – simply said – a simulation of a real-life situation. In Constellations we engage other people or use symbols to represent the people in our real live. Pain and trauma can stay alive in a family for generations. The emotional baggage we carry into our personal relationships, family and career may actually be inherited from the lives of our ancestors. Through constellations, we explore and illuminate the dynamics behind these issues in an insightful way by actively engaging workshop participants, who are complete strangers, to simulate the problem. The constellation process is about finding a solution in the present by traversing back into spacetime to identify and edit the information causing the pain and trauma at its source. This source information influences our past, present and future. Once modified and healed, it can initiate positive changes in real life.

What happens in a Constellation workshop?

Participants will sit in a circle surrounding the space where the constellations will take place. A participant will bring on an issue, he is the issue holder. The participants acting in the constellation are called representatives, the ones witnessing the process are observers.

If you bring an issue to work on – this can be anything you would like to have more clarity on – family, love, career, health, decision making etc., you will briefly explain the issue in a short conversation with me. Then you will choose participants from the group asking them to represent you, as well as the persons or elements of the situation you want to elucidate. They can accept the role, or they can decline. If they decline, another participant can be asked.

Touching the shoulder blades of the representatives, one by one, you will ask them to rise and will guide them to their position in the room, following your impulse, without thinking rationally about it. With this first set-up your subconscious image of the issue becomes visible.

After setting up the constellation, you will take a seat and observe the constellation process.

First, our attention will be focused on the emotional, visceral and physical experiences of the representatives. They will be asked how they are feeling in their bodies and towards each other. This is an important, and most amazing, part of the process: when participants are in this role, they gain access to what is called the “energetic field” of the family/group. They will start feeling different as they gain access to information that belongs to another system – yours! – and they will experience feelings, emotions, thoughts which were not previously there, which are not their own. Without realizing what, or whom, they are representing, the representatives provide interesting insights that generally correspond to your internal image of your issue and your personal experience with the people in your life.
 The Constellation process is based upon this phenomenon known as representantive perception.

So the first picture depicts the problem with its unseen characteristics and the hidden dynamics at work. It is about “acknowledging what is”: gaining clarity from the dynamics and understanding why it is the way it is.
Then, it is about changing this internal picture, by moving the representatives, resolving entanglements, and finding solutions in that setting. For that, we use verbal and non verbal ritual – such as engaging representantives in a solution dialogue, receiving blessings from a parent, giving back a stone for a burden that you are carrying, setting boundaries, accepting a member who was dishonored, gaining strength from the ancestors chain, etc.

The Constellation is complete when a new image has emerged and the person who brought forth the issue, as well as the representatives, feel “good” or “better”.

If you are a representative: from the moment you agree to represent a person in a constellation, you will step into someone else‘s shoes. During the process, you will begin experiencing feelings, emotions, thoughts, and sensations that were previously not there and not ‘really yours’, though you will actually feel them. You will have a first-hand experience of another person’s situation, with all your senses – with your mind, body and soul. Experiencing a good outcome in any of the roles will give you the opportunity to apply it to your own life.

If you are an observer, you will experience the whole situation unfolding before your eyes, from the problem to the solution, from an outside yet at the same time close perspective.

Participants frequently report that even as a representative or witness, they receive clarity or even complete resolution of their own issues. While facilitating a constellation, my intention is to always lead a process that benefits all participants. I promise that you will leave richer in experience, wisdom, and with more insights on human relationship dynamics!

How to dress?
Comfortably enough for movement, and beautifully enough to honor and connect with your sacred feminine.

What can I bring into the event?

Your bottle of water, and maybe a journal and pen, if you desire to take notes.

What’s the refund policy?
You can receive a full refund up to 1 day before the workshop.

How can I contact Panagiota if I have any questions?

Email me at panagiota@metamorphoses.net



October 15, 2017
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Event Category:


Panagiota Skandali


Lucid Body House
230 Lexington Ave.
New York City , NY 10016 United States
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