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ARCHETYPES OF THE FEMININE – An Exploration through Dance, Myths and Tales.

May 6 @ 1:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Come join Panagiota Skandali on Sunday, May 6th, from 1:30 pm. to 6:30 p.m. at Lucid Body House, NYC.

Space is limited. For more information and to secure your ticket register through Eventbrite, OR EMAIL to: panagiota@metamorphoses.net
($150, PayPal: panagiota@metamorphoses.net, cash or check)

ARCHETYPES OF THE FEMININE. An Exploration through Dance, Myths and Tales

Have you ever thought that being a woman in the modern world is too demanding and too complicated?
As a Woman…

  • Do you ever feel trapped, somehow – like you‘re kept in boxes you no longer fit in – in the relationships with the people closest to your heart: as a daughter, sister, lover, wife, or mother?
  • Do you struggle in making decisions, living life by your rules, or influencing the lives of the people you care about or are responsible for – in family, workplace, or society?
  • Are you blocked in your creativity?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your body – like you can’t understand the messages of your body or trust fully your knowledge and intuition?
  • Are you holding yourself back from what you feel could be possible for you — not unfolding your potential — in any area?

If so come and meet The Archetypes of the Feminine, a workshop for women designed to explore femininity in its various aspects. Learn to illuminate, revive and embody your remarkable feminine qualities, and become A Fuller Woman.

In this supportive circle of women we will trace the stages and development of femininity and discover how these Archetypes play a part in your own life: The Maiden; The Mother; The Wilde Woman; The Lover; The Artist; The Wise Woman; The Queen.

Why do we carry these Archetypes within us?
What are their strengths, what do they conceal, what do they reveal about each of us?
Why do we embrace some aspects and resist others?

Through music and dance we will explore these questions and others and arrive at an understanding of our personal beliefs, thoughts, and emotions and the important themes that need to be remembered, expressed, and transformed in our lives.
We will open up a space for discussion of our personal stories and our relationships with the people who shaped our self-image as women.

And we will engage the greater collective stories of humanity, universal myths and tales, to help us remember, embrace and claim our original female power in the Here and Now.

We will explore ourselves, hold space to heal one another, and celebrate being women in sisterhood.

Come join us. I look forward to welcoming you!


What is Panagiota’s background?
Panagiota Skandali is an educator and life coach in Princeton, NJ. Fluent in four languages and with a European degree in Psychology, Philosophy and Education, Panagiota has a background in communications and education, having worked in government and educational institutions in Greece, Austria and Germany. A highly trained and experienced facilitator of Systemic Constellations, Panagiota has been facilitating workshops in Europe and the United States, since 2009.

Her workshop Archetypes of the Feminine was born from her desire to empower women combining her knowledge of tales and myths with her passion for music and expressive movement. She was inspired by C.G. Jung’s Theory of Archetypes, the Greek and Roman Mythology, and Clarissa Pinkola-Estés wonderful work, especially in Women Who Run With The Wolves and Joyous Body.


“What a transformative experience. Panagiota is a gifted leader who created a safe and intimate space for profound healing. Panagiota, honestly, you worked Magic. I swear. And I am such a crusty cynic.”
Madelyn H., NYC, NY.

“What an amazing experience. It made me realize the power of the stories we create for ourselves and the narratives we engage in. Since then, situations have come up that have put me in places that made me realize how I was creating a false story! How much my past was affecting my present. I was able to tune into that quickly because of the work we did on Friday. I am now actively engaging in writing a new story. Rooted in the present. Rooted in knowing my value. Panagiota was a highly skilled and caring guide & facilitator through the whole process. The experience was really tailored to the participant and there was a real feeling of healing and safety that she created in that space.”
Lorraine M., NYC, NY

“I credit Panagiota with orchestrating a truly heart-opening moment. She guided the constellations with an exquisitely sensitive, delicate and intuitive hand. Without forcing results, she gently and adeptly facilitated the uncovering of sometimes surprising but always meaningful revelations from each woman involved. She struck the perfect balance between stepping in and drawing out emotions that were buried and needed more “excavation” and standing back and simply letting things flow organically. The environment she nurtured allowed each of us to have our own unique experience – she allowed us to uncover for ourselves hidden truths and connections and to feel safe showing our vulnerability.”
Amy O., Brooklyn, NY

“Inspiring and healing in unexpected ways. So many times I had experienced in the past being attacked by others without being able to fight back and I believed my Warrior was dead. But she came back to life while I was dancing! I experienced such beauty and joy in fighting, that now it feels right to cross swords with others and I am not so afraid of conflict anymore. I feel her always at my side and it feels so good.”
Danielle P., Queens, NY


Lucid Body House
230 Lexington Ave.
New York City , NY 10016 United States
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