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LUCID BODY Chakra Series – Drop in March

March 19, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

chakra series

Instructor: Shayna Freedman
Dates: Saturdays Feb.20, March 19, April 16
Times: 10am-12pm
Price: Series $75 (savings of $5/class), Single Class $30

The seven chakra centers are wheels of vibration within the body, each corresponding with different aspects of the physical, mental and spiritual self. The lower chakras express our fundamental needs, emotions and ego, while the higher chakras communicate the subtler qualities of the mind and spirit; the heart center is the unifying bridge connecting them all. All yoga practices work together to balance the energy flow through the chakras, purifying these lower energies and guiding them upwards towards ultimate consciousness and bliss.

This workshop series is an in-depth discovery of the self through the chakra centers. From the colors to elements associated with each center, from the sounds to the smells, the essence of each chakra will be explored through lecture, movement and guided exercises. Beginning from the lower chakras and working our way upwards, we will learn how to navigate these parts of self so our energy may flow freely for optimal health and balance. At the end of the workshop, students will create a personalized essential oil mist to inspire awakening in the chakra center of their choosing. Please bring a journal and wear clothes to move in.


WEEK ONE: Feb. 20
Deeply connected to our animal instincts of survival and desire, these chakras are the foundation for our physical well-being and how we self-identify to the world. Our relationship with family and community, financial security, home and safety lie within these centers. Balancing of these chakras enhances pleasure and creativity, as well as relieves stress and anxiety.

WEEK TWO: March 19
Fueled by love and communication, these chakras align our words and actions with our heart’s desires. When working together, these chakras deepen our skills listening skills, honestly express our feelings, boost self-confidence, increase energy, release judgements and set the inner child free.

WEEK THREE: April 16
A healthy flow of energy in the third eye and crown chakras inspires imagination, increases concentration, and promotes a clear and healthy mind, free of headaches, depression and confusion. These chakras embody our inner wisdom and intuition, connecting us to a power greater than ourselves, whether that be the universe at large or the divine.



Lucid Body House
230 Lexington Ave.
NY,NY10016United States
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