Recent Productions:

For the launching of her Book, Lucid Body; A Guide for The Physical Actor, Fay created a piece called Grey Gone with Mike Donahue and Lauren Feldman. This piece has been presented nationally and internationally, along with book signings and talk backs.

Always (lost and found) – Walker Theatre, NYU

Veterans Project;Leaving Theater – Manhattan VA Hospital/The American Red Cross

Veterans Project: Homecoming – Red Bean Studios, NYC

Forensics of Breath; August – Rush Dance, NYC

Grey Gone – Tennessee Williams Theater, TN; Michael Howard Studios, NYC; Actors Theatre Workshop, NYC; Siti Company, NYC; Stone Street Studios, NYC; Mercury Café, Denver, CO; London, UK; Drama Book Shop, NYC Black Friars Theatre, Charlotte, VA

Phaedra’s Dilemma; Sweet Angst – Bond St. Studios, NYC

Little Red Riding Hood* – The Vineyard Theater, NYC Birdgirl – Here Center For The Arts, NYC

Late Summerstorm – The Door Lounge, NYC

Yes, Here We Are (Dorothy Parker) – Michael Howard Studios, NYC

Intermission Here Center For The Arts, NYC

The Shadow Of Olema Project Artaud Theatre, San Fransisco, CA

Founded in 1990 by choreographer and artistic director, Fay Simpson, and Executive Director Lauren Cramer, Impact Theatre (formerly known as Fay Simpson Dance Theatre) is a collective of theatre artists who have come together to create a repertory that draws richly on cabaret, vaudeville, and modern dance.

Fay and her collaborators at times set their dramas in by-gone eras, where their characters are faced with the social constraints and issues of the time period. Though these pieces are channels into the past, they are often full of ironic and relevant, social commentaries on the present.

The company co-produced with The Manhattan Class Company from 1992-1995. They produced a series of work some of which include a slap-stick one act in 15 minutes entitled Research and Development (with Joseph Knight and Gregory Wolfe), about an illicit love affair developing along side the laboratory research of a zany scientist, as well as D-Train, a collaboration with James Bosley and Myra Melford. This physical theatre piece, set in the forties, portrays a greedy gangster who kills for money and abuses women for pleasure, representing the basest part of our capitalistic culture. The Gangster discovers his sensitive consciousness through the pain of loss, when his hit-man murders his sister by accident.

The Ko Festival of Theatre at Amherst co-produced Kurt’s Wife, A Portrait of Lotte Lenya, developed with actor/director Joseph Siravo, written by Michael Oakes and Jennifer Wells, composed by Earl Wentz. This piece deals with the troubled life of Kurt Weill’s neglected wife. Lotte returns to the studio to record an album of love songs that summon forth Kurt’s ghost. As she both longs for him and tries to understand her adulterous ways when he was alive, she comes to terms with her own guilt. This piece was seen at Second Stage and TaDa theatre in NYC.

The Company held their 1997 New York season at The Ohio Theatre in NYC, where they premiered The Marital Bliss Of Francis and Maxine, a collaboration of Fay Simpson, actor/writer Liam Torres, and Earl Wentz. Set in the morally complex 1920’s, Francis and Maxine masquerade by day as a famous singing couple on the radio, though come nightfall, they slide into their true homosexual identities, and dance the tango at a gay speakeasy in Harlem. The gender-bender twists harder when they actually fall in love for real!

Trapped In Seven, is a solo piece written and performed by Fay, directed by Deborah Kampmeier, with intricate choreography by Patrice Regnier. It is one woman’s journey into the seductive arms of the HIV virus, and the healing transformations which occur to bring her out alive. This piece played at The Acting studio in NYC in 1998, and The Harold Pinter Studio in London in 1999, and has toured Colorado, and Tennessee.

Produced at RawSpace in 2002, Triptych is a three paneled work involving dance, music, dialogue, and a stairway to the Gods. A three course feast of sexuality skewered into battles, dragons, and juicy women, this evening presents a love-affair with swords, and an exploration into the male and female psyches lurking behind those weapons. With insight and comic flair, TRIPTYCH focuses on the changing nature of society: how the guys and dolls grapple with sexual expectations and role reversals in our modern age.


  • Eating The Dragon
  • Metaphysics of a RainDance
  • Juicing The Fruit

Conceived and Directed by Fay Simpson with Deborah Kampmeier, assisted by Ido Mizrahy, TRIPTYCH involves an intriguing trio of interwoven panels that probe the very inner core and psyche of contemporary men and women.

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