The Lucid Body Lab is taking the Lucid Body out of the class room, into performance.  We are still working from the same basic concept that  buried emotions once expressed, stir the waters of change and inspire growth. Our goal is to ultimately create an arena within the Veterans Community to stimulate dialogue and communication.

Preliminary Workshop: Six Lucid Body trained actors have interviewed soldiers, and family members, some of whom have been involved in our rehearsal process. We have created a few vivid portraits involving music, movement and language to start to express the emotional complexity of the soldier moving from the intensity of the battlefield to mundane civilian life.

One moment you are pointing a gun, the next, holding a latte. How is that gap negotiated?

The video below is a recording of the Veterans Project performance at our annual Open House on December 16th, 2012.

“It was an absolute honor to share a veteran’s perspective…and to observe your creative process. Thank you, on behalf of every veteran, for caring and taking action on our behalf.”
Matt “Doc” King
US Army Sergeant
Combat Medic
Iraq 2004-2005


The Veterans Project: Leaving Theater is a high-caliber, dynamic and engaging theater piece made up of actors and veterans. The material used for the production is based on veteran/civilian group forums that we have hosted throughout the year to glean out the major issues affecting the reintegration process of veterans. The 20-minute performance is followed by a 40-minute session engaging the audience in finding solutions, or even stepping into the theatre piece to change the results. We do not offer opinions or solutions in the piece. We offer the problems. Then we talk about solutions, together.

This project has been presented at The Manhattan VA Hospital as well as at The Red Cross.. We will be at The Warwick Summer Festival in July.If you would like to donate to our cause, please contact

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