Jamie Cool, LCSW

jamieJamie is a licensed and practicing therapist in Houston, TX.  She has studied and taught the technique of Lucid Body for over ten years, including apprenticeship and co-facilitation with the founder, Fay Simpson.  Through physical movement, liberating choreography, interactive role play and personal exploration of the chakra system,  The Lucid Body teaches one to rediscover the thrill of one’s physical,  emotional and spiritual capabilities.   Jamie utilizes this method to help individuals move past places of stuckness and into richer, deeper relationships with their true selves.  Her Lucid Body workshops allow for deeper exploration of family of origin and relationship issues, while providing a safe environment to unlock secrets and emotions previously trapped within the body.  Contact Jamie about individual Lucid Body Work, or find out about group workshops at jamiecoollcsw@gmail.com.

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