Kennedy Brown

kennedy brownKennedy Brown is Head of Movement at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles ( where he has a thriving Movement for Actors program. In addition to teaching classes and coaching privately in LA he is a ‘Lecturer with Entitlement’ at Cal State University Fullerton where he teaches Voice and Movement. He has worked with Fay Simpson for over 20 years- as her student at the National Shakespeare Conservatory, as her assistant at Michael Howard Studios and as a company member of her Impact Theatre. Before teaching, Kennedy was a core company member of New York’s Jean Cocteau Repertory theatre (now the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble)- an award winning classical acting company that performed in rotating repertory. Since then he has performed with the Gravity Project- an innovative theatre company that combines cutting edge movement and voice techniques as the basis for creating new pieces for the theatre. He last performed ‘Red Bush Blossoms‘ a solo adaptation of Alan Ginsberg poetry. Kennedy received his yoga teacher certification from Jivamukti yoga center and is an Associate teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework.