Acting Studio in NYC

230 Lexington Ave Midtown Manhattan

The Lucid Body House is an acting studio located at 230 Lexington Avenue in New York City. We are NYC’s “Home for the Physical Actor”. Here you can attend classes and workshops taught by Lucid Body founder, Fay Simpson, and her trained teachers. We also rent out space to guest teachers whose work is consistent and resonant with that of the Lucid Body. Please check out our list of upcoming classes and workshops with certified Lucid Body Teachers and other guest teachers.

My vision for the Lucid Body House involves the muses and the mind cohabitating to create a haven for human research and theatrical experiment; a place where the purging of human emotions is crafted into art, and which will then help move the emotions of others.

And so like a river whisking away and carrying forth, bringing new life and floating away the dead, this space, I hope, with enough right-minded teachers and students and those brave enough to step into the path of curiosity, will become a home… where finding is never enough because seeking is all. A home where every corner reveals a new challenge and every knowing is followed by the humility of not knowing more.

Just like this raw concrete room which only two months ago started to take shape; every wall needed more insulation, and then drywall, and primer and paint, but still there was more, more knowing. Then came the Venetian plaster and color and grouting and lighting and sound and tile and slate. I love the slate.

My vision for this space is that all who work here will honor the code to never cause harm so that every student and artist feels that they have entered a safe space. And finally, my vision includes this House as a home for the  Lucid Body Community, with teachers internationally teaching and creating here, so that the Lucid Body goes way beyond my vision, into an exceptional future of healing and outreach.

xx Fay Simpson

The Lucid Body House

acting studio NYC

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