If you’ve studied with Scott before, this is an opportunity to catch up on the evolution of the work and work out, especially the effective way this work translates into your on-camera presence.

If you’ve never studied with Scott then he welcomes you to step into the work that has been taught and continues to evolve at NYU Graduate Acting since 2003.Click the link below to check out the Winter/Spring Schedule, Early Bird Discounts and a full description of our workshops and approach.


Any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Scott personally at mvmethod@gmail.com

mVm is an acting technique by way of breath and voice. It is athletic, kinesthetic and integrative in focus. mVm sees evidence that the very way we breathe as humans directly affects the depth in which we are available to information / impulse / inspiration.  So we explore this unique way of breathing – the “actor’s breath” – to unpack its possibilities.