“I want to thank you for helping me find Patsey’s heart.” – Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar Winner, 12 Years a Slave

“I have taken a wide variety of professional writing courses, and none of them have had the impact that Fay Simpson’s “Lucid Body for Writers” had on me. Even after just one day, I have a much more embodied and alive relationship with my writing.  I found a new musculature in my writing, a new articulation, and a profound focus. 

She is a sensitive and deeply aware teacher who is able to give highly individual attention to each student, allowing them to work on their own work in a very intentional way. I would recommend this work for anybody who is seeking a breakthrough in their writing.  By asking you to look inward, Fay allows you to find a new depth of expression.  The blood is pumping through my work like never before.  I felt the workshop energized in a brand new way.”Rachel (student from Fay’s Lucid Body for Writers workshop) 

“Your workshop continues to work deeply in me.  Most of my life I have felt as if I had one foot nailed to the floor and all I could do was go in circles. I am learning to work with my PTSD. I have prayed my whole life for this simple insight. I have been dead. I am coming to life. I am deeply grateful.” -Everett Cox, Veteran

“Thank you for creating LUCID BODY Fay. You’re approach to storytelling and unlocking the truth in the humanity of characters has been an essential game-changer in helping to deepen the creativity in my work and in my life. You’re approach to accessing the human condition in actors has benefited in the same way for people from vastly different walks of life- doing different things, living different ways. Helmed by your guidance, your groundbreaking work for those you’ve shared Lucid Body with in different communities around the world are finding and gaining access to justifiably take ownership of living in the space within his or her being that is most true, most genuine- to be his or her best self. As a result, we each acknowledge that we are capable of living in that peace.”Amanda Warren (Lucy Warburton,  THE LEFTOVERS. HBO/Warner Bros. Television)

Just wanted to say—I’m sitting here working away on a new role and doing some Lucid Body work, and as always, I return to the book, and as always, I’m stunned by how amazing your work is and how incredibly insightful your writing is.  I literally was just thumbing through the book and shouted out loud to myself “god she is so fucking good!!!”
Ken Barnett (February House/Public Theatre)

I just wanted to thank you for the most inspiring weekend! Your work is truly amazing… it is the first class I have taken that has actually made sense to me. And I now realize what other acting teachers I have had were trying to teach me, unsuccessfully, that with you I found so easily and accessible. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I hope to see you at the next one!
Holly Shunkey (FuerzaBruta/ Daryl Roth Theatre)

“I just started the Lucid Body class with Fay- I had a very powerful experience opening my throat chakra- I came up with, what I can describe as and how others described, an ancient language, rooted, tribal somehow (people said like something Native American in feel, and maybe Grotowski-like) – a clear means of communication, truly expressing me. I loved it. Afterwards my voice was resonating deep in my chest, but was also full of overtones – projecting so well in an effortless way.Very exciting.”
Sylvia (actress)

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