The Veterans Project


Six Lucid Body trained actors have interviewed soldiers, and family members, some of whom have been involved in our rehearsal process. We have created a few vivid portraits involving music, movement and language to start to express the emotional complexity of the soldier moving from the intensity of the battlefield to mundane civilian life. One moment you are pointing a gun, the next, holding a latte. How is that gap negotiated? Follow the Veterans Project on Facebook to stay informed on its development and upcoming performances.

Leaving Theatre

Leaving Theatre is a high-caliber, dynamic and engaging theatre piece made up of actors and veterans. It employs a unique, theatrical catalyst for social change called the Behavior Change Process. The 20-minute performance is followed by a 40-minute discussion, engaging the audience in finding solutions, or even stepping into the theatre piece to change the results. There are follow-up workshops offered after the performance to continue the discussion. Leaving Theatre, (which is a military term for when a solider is discharged to return home) focuses on the issues that arise in the veteran community due to the lack of an effective reintegration process.

Impact Theatre hosts: The Veterans Forum

The Veterans Project: Leaving Theatre is hosting another forum for veterans and civilians to: • Uncover current issues that the veterans are facing • Discuss the solutions that emerged during the piece in greater detail • Learn the Lucid Body concepts as a way to...

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The Veterans Project: Reviewed By Brian Waldbillig

I recently traveled to SUNY New Paltz campus with my friend Fay Simpson and some of her Impact Theatre actors for a performance of The Veterans Project: Leaving Theatre. This event brings together civilians and veterans on stage to explore the challenges of the...

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Veterans Project: Leaving Theatre Trailer

This is a trailer for the Veterans Project: Leaving Theatre. To keep up to date on current performances follow the Veterans Project on Facebook by visiting: "There is an enormous tendency to pathologize...

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REVIEW “The Veterans’ Project: Leaving Theater”

Reviewed by Mary Makofske “The Veterans’ Project: Leaving Theater” at the Warwick Arts Festival on July 23 was part play, part veteran-civilian dialogue, part participatory drama—theater in its richest sense. The 20 minute play was written collaboratively by actors,...

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The Veterans Project

The Lucid Body Lab is taking the Lucid Body out of the class room, into performance.  We are still working from the same basic concept that  buried emotions once expressed, stir the waters of change and inspire growth. Our goal is to ultimately create an arena within...

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“It was an absolute honor to share a veteran’s perspective and to observe your creative process.
Thank you, on behalf of every veteran, for caring and taking action on our behalf.” Matt “Doc” King | US Army Sergeant | Combat Medic Iraq 2004-2005

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