On October 9, 2015, the Lucid Body House hosted our first ever Performance Salon. It was a huge success and we are looking forward to many more. A performance Salon is a series of short performances curated by a Lucid Body Teacher. The first salon was curated by Fay Simpson and the theme was “Forget Me Not”. The line-up for the evening included:

Josh Heath Paintings
Five portraits from the Apostles series. The paintings are all done in Josh’s self coined Voxelism style. Both the series and style are explained in greater detail on his website heatheology.com.

1.Impact Theatre
Sharla’s Story
Written by Fay Simpson
Choreographed and Performed by Fay Simpson and Brenna Palughi

Armada Dance Company
Choreographed by Jen Roit
Dancers: Jerica Neihoff, Samantha Needles, Jen Roit

Jenny Pacanowski Poems
Written by Jenny Pacanowski
Performed by Jonathan Egge

Forget me not
Written and Performed by Jenny Pacanowski

Brenna Palughi

   An excerpt from Muse

   By Brenna Palughi

   Zelda: Brenna Palughi
Scott: Chris Thorn

5.June Ballinger

Official Secrets Act

Written and Performed by June Ballinger

6. Kiara Duran

   2 Songs

7. Brian Waldbillig

   Part I of  On Compassion of the Tree

   Written and Performed by Brian Waldbillig

8. Jiva Performing Arts

   Choreographed by Sonali Skandan

   Performed by Sonali Skandan and friends

9. Wild Card

10. Secondhand Theatre Company


     Created and Performed by Nicolas Carra

with Lena Kanise and Cely Rodriguez